We won't wait.
Gender Equality Now!

Equal parental leave, gender equal health care and ending violence against women and girls. These are the top three demands of the Women's Organisation of the Swedish People's Party in Finland of the new government. We are ready to implement the liberal reforms that Finland needs in order to realise gender equality!

Efforts for gender equality must be prioritised in all politics. We call for a society free from violence, sexism and racism, where human rights are respected and gender stereotypes don't limit anyone's opportunities or life choices. 

During the upcoming government term we want a reform of the parental leave system following th 6+6+6-model, resources for promoting mental health for young people and an overall reform of the Transgender Act in order to secure the full enjoyment of the human rights of all transgender people in Finland. 

Together we can build a society where everyone can feel safe, the parental leave system encourages fathers to take parental leave and equal access to health care is realised for everyone in all stages of life.